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Your restaurant is as important as its food.

Most restaurant owners want to know that they’re hiring the right contractor to build their business. It’s understandable: a bad build can cost its owners time and money, as well as valuable marketing opportunities or even their reputation.

The success of your restaurant depends on the strength of its foundation. In addition to having a great menu and inviting decor, the right design and construction will ensure that your venture doesn’t crumble under its own weight. If you don’t have a solid plan in place, you may find yourself scrambling to fix problems as they arise, throwing away time and money in the process. Assembling ingredients is simple; it’s knowing how to combine them in a way that makes for a tasty meal that requires knowledge and experience. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that not all contractors are created equal.

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The services we provide are used for a wide range of projects, some examples of which are discussed below.
Full Service Restaurants

These establishments usually have a full waitstaff, including servers, busboys and bartenders. They may sell alcohol and are open for lunch and dinner. These restaurants can also be categorized by their type of cuisine: high-end or casual dining.

Specialty Food Service

These establishments specialize in particular types of foods, including: bakery items, coffee and tea cafes, juice bars or other specialty drinks, takeout meals or catering services. Many have only a few tables for patrons to sit at while they eat their meals. Some specialty restaurants also have drive-through windows where customers pick up their orders without getting out of their cars.

Themed Restaurants

Serve food that matches a specific theme or genre. This can be anything from a specific historical period (like Medieval Times) to a movie/book/game property (like Harry Potter World or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter). They also may serve dishes from a specific region, country, or culture.

What kind of impression do you want your restaurant to make on customers?

An impression that sticks, of course. One that makes customers remember your name, remember how much they enjoyed their experience, and be eager to come back.

The services we provide are used for a wide range of projects, some examples of which are discussed below.

Sell primarily breads, cakes, etc., made in-house. They may sell packaged baked goods as well, but these should be in the minority compared to items made there.

Breakfast Cafes/Tea Houses

These are businesses that are open early in the morning and provide breakfast options for their customers. These are typically family-owned operations, but larger chains do exist.

Juice Bars

Sell fresh fruit juices and smoothies that are made at the location through a juicing machine. A Juice Bar usually sells other items (such as salads and granola) but should concentrate on its juice bar menu first and foremost.

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