Retail Renovation

You’ve got a retail space. Great! Now what? How are you going to make it look its best? How can you create the most effective retail environment to help your company succeed?

When you’re opening a store, you don’t want to think about a lot of the details. You just want it to be perfect—and you don’t want to pay for the extra costs that come from surprises. We get it. That’s why we’ve developed our retail renovation services at Jericho. We can deliver your retail environment with seamless project management, right blend of experience, knowledge and resources.

From small stores to major retail outlets, we can deliver outstanding results at the right price to get the retail space you need for your business to succeed. The end result? A stylish retail outlet can work magic on potential customers. We work seamlessly with a range of other trades on all of our retail projects and look to ensure it meets a high and precise standard of workmanship.

We will also have your business up and running faster than our competitors can say “I’ll try my best.” So if you’re ready to give your retail outlet a stylish makeover that’ll get potential customers through the door faster than ever before, get in touch with us today!

What do you want people to say about your retail space?

If your brand is about anything, it is about perception. You want customers to perceive your store as the best place to find the latest and greatest in your industry. A place where people can come in, hang around, have an experience and leave happy.  When people walk around your retail space, You’ll want them to forget all their troubles and treat themselves to some retail therapy!

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What makes up a good retail space?

Great retail spaces can be described in many ways. They can be quiet and calm, bustling and energetic, luxurious and opulent — but they’re never boring. Retail spaces should have a tactile element that adds to the whole experience with shoppers, but also conveys an air of exclusivity. In short, it has to say something.

If you have a product that customers will need to experience before buying (like clothing, accessories, or furniture) then it’s crucial that the layout of your store makes it easy for them to do so. A retail space needs to motivate customers with its interior design – guiding them down the right path towards making a purchase.

Let us build your space!

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