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Principal’s Background and Expertise

Meccanro’s introduction to the construction industry at a young age ignited his passion for the field, while his formative years provided the opportunity to learn from a highly accomplished builder and gain hands-on experience in overseeing construction projects.

In 2006, he augmented his technical expertise and deepened his understanding of engineering principles by successfully completing a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics (E&E). With a diverse background encompassing systems engineering, QA engineering, and construction, Meccanro has accumulated an impressive 12+ years of work experience. This wealth of experience and knowledge paved the way for him to establish Jericho Maintenance Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to delivering top-notch construction services.

Learning from the experiences of others is like reading countless books in one. He embraces the power of asking meaningful questions and actively listening to others, recognizing the wealth of knowledge and insights that diverse perspectives bring. Firmly believing in the adage “Our actions speak louder than our words,” he consistently applies this principle in his business approach. He understands that true impact and success are measured by the actions we take, not just the promises we make. By aligning his words with his actions, he fosters trust, credibility, and meaningful results. Demonstrates the value of integrity and accountability in all aspects of business.

About Jericho

Our Journey: From Passion to Construction Excellence