• Essentials of Pre-Construction Services for Design-Build

In a rapidly evolving construction environment, pre-construction services are an inevitably best practice to help project owners save time and money. Most people involved in ICI construction know pre-construction services as a way to drive additional value for construction projects.

The stakes are always high when you’re planning a commercial construction project. Finding issues or errors earlier in the Building lifecycle will avoid costly delays and change orders. That’s why pre-construction services are so valuable.

We are often asked “What types of services happen during the pre-construction phase?” So, we’ve outlined them here below for your use.

Pre-Construction Services Include:

Site Analysis

A site analysis is an in-depth evaluation of the location where you’re planning to build. It starts with a pre-construction survey. Property damage claims against construction contractors, prompted by construction operations, are very common. In recent days one of the biggest generators of property claims for structures near construction sites is vibration damage. So crucial factors like topography, soil composition, climate, surroundings, draining, flooding issues and possible contamination will also be considered. When you receive your site analysis, it will include a clear picture of the property and its potential challenges.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies will be carried out based on site constraints, program requirements, and project scope. Then, it offers an opinion on the viability of your plan and the impacts of the budget for the choices in designing will be assessed. With this information, we can work together with the owner, architect and key stakeholders to provide suggestions and explore alternatives for making a project more feasible.

Risk Analysis

Each construction project is unique. Risks should never be overlooked in any type of construction projects. It has to be identified and managed with proper planning and execution. When a risk turns into reality it can disrupt and derail a project. Risk analysis weighs risks involved in pursuing your plan. The insights found here can help you fine-tune your plan.

Site Planning

A site plan helps you to visualize your project’s final product and is an integral part of any commercial construction project. It includes everything from property lines, easements to driveways, parking areas to your building, the landscaping and the surrounding street. Needless to say, distances between elements will also be clearly marked.

Engineering Services

It plays a vital role in pre-construction. There are several mechanical and electrical systems that contribute to the functionality of your building such as lighting, climate control, plumbing, fire suppression and pumping systems. An engineering review checks if these pieces will work together and improving efficiency.

 Utility Mapping

All utility lines, gas lines, phone lines or cable lines near the proposed construction area are important to note and are done during this step. Encountering any underground utilities in unexpected places during construction can be a deadly mistake sometimes. Thorough utility mapping before any construction starts is an essential step to ensure safety of site workers and mitigate the risk in project.

Project Scheduling

Completing a project on time and on budget is something to strive for. A project schedule is developed and serves to map out the entire project timeline, including design phase, permit timeline, procurement through construction. Schedule is monitored throughout, with milestones for successful project delivery.

The scope of pre-construction services needs be tailored to your needs and goals depending on considerations including project specifics, construction delivery method and design phase.  Contact us online or by phone today for more information about starting your next commercial construction project in Greater Vancouver.

The Pre-Construction Services we offer include the following:

  • Conceptual costing
  • Value-engineering
  • Cost feedback and design coordination/assistance for target price design evolution
  • Construction methods planning
  • Construction scheduling
  • Trade contracts tendering and negotiation

Site and operational planning like temporary facilities, safety provisions, crane type, material, pedestrian, and traffic flows.

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