• #1 FAQ in home renovation - Move out or live through it

Home renovation -owner needs to do a careful planning. Are you considering renovating entire home/condo or just a second bathroom?

To move out or stay living in? That is the most frequently asked question by homeowner when renovating. Will you be willing to stay and navigate your way around a barrage of crews/contractors walking through your home (risking dust and unintended privacy breaches!), or do you move out – take the extra expense of rent, and be pleasantly out of the picture while all the work gets done?

“If you ask the contractor, the answer will be a resounding yes! If you are doing a full home/condo renovation. But this is a significant financial decision so let’s review the pros and cons.

Why does the contractor might want you to move out?

If a family lives in during a home renovation, there are various signification factors for the contractor to consider. The site will need to be perfectly safe when the renovators leave each day.

This means every stray nail and piece of sharp timber needs to be tidied away every day. Contractors/crews will need to dedicate at least half an hour at the end of each day to do this when families live in, and half an hour again in the morning to unpack tools/equipment’s and set up. This activity may total for 3-6 hours of effort every week when they could be renovating your space. So, if you have planned for 4-7 months of major home renovation, you’ll notice approximately of Nine days in loss of productivity and it’ll cost you.

We suggest asking yourself and family members these questions when deciding on home renovation in Vancouver.

What is your level of tolerance for dust/noise/trades in the house between 7.30 AM to 8 PM?

No matter how well you seal up the areas you’re living in or Contractors use HEPA Vacuums, the fine drywall dust gets everywhere. Trades will be working there when you roll out of bed looking less than fabulous and are busy trying to wrangle the kids to school on time, planning your day or trying to finish your meditation – and there’s nothing quite like a jack hammering in the room next door when you’re trying to get a toddler to sleep.

Will you be able to have basic cooking facilities/ working bathroom/ enough space with the children?

Is it really realistic for you all to live in one room with just a microwave, sleep in a tent outside in garden if it’s a summertime!  taking showers at a friend’s house or the local pool?! Most people will struggle. The financial consideration is major, but you also need to keep sanity through the home renovation.

Can you budget for rent during home renovation?

Major renovations over six month’s rent adds tens of thousands to your renovation cost. Most families decide to move out to keep away from noise/dust and also contractors be able to get more done quickly rather than work around.

You may get caught by this myth “feel Work is very slow!” – Stay Cautious!

Sometimes when Contractors are busy on parts of the house you can’t really see, like the roof or they are held up with weather, it feels like everything is on a go-slow which can be really frustrating to see no progress for days altogether. Being that up close and personal if the contractors run into unexpected problems can also be a bit stressful. Sometimes out of sight is out of mind can be a good thing!

Tips for Move out or Stay in!

If you decide to stay in during home renovation

  • You will need to stay away from work area -ideally you and the contractors would use separate entrance  so you’re not getting in each other’s way.
  • Try not to discuss about project progress to crews on the site – This can be awkward for contractors – every owner loves to talk about what’s happening every day at project and see how it’s being constructed, but don’t get in the way of progress. Sometimes chat may end up going for hours. It is better to arrange a set time for a weekly site meeting and ask all your questions then.
  • You’ll love coming home from work and seeing work progress, especially when it’s something big like walls being removed, cabinets being installed. It’s super exciting. Do not be tempted to put your hand in the work. Please remember that contractor is responsible to deliver what is agreed in the quote and he is paid to do that.
  • Just live with the essentials and get rid of as much stuff out of the house before you start home renovation, so you aren’t constantly moving things around.
  • Make sure that you understand the milestones and contractors plan for your home renovation. Be well prepared.

If you decide to Move out during home renovation

  • Ensure you’ve budgeted for it and add few weeks additional to it, which seem to be inevitable sometimes. You might want to try finding a rental close to your renovation so that traveling back and forth isn’t an issue
  • Try to visit the site once a week and discuss with the contractor about work progress.
  • Not living amongst contractors/crews, dust and the various smells on a building site will make your renovating experience a lot more pleasant! When you visit the site, you will be super excited to see renovation work progress. Please try not to enter the work area without notifying contractor for safety reasons.
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