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Difference between Project Manager, Construction Manager and General Contractor in Construction.

When beginning a construction project, first questions that comes up is: who should I hire to run my project? On any large construction project, there are three common stakeholder run a construction project: Project Managers (PM), Construction Managers (CM), and General Contractors (GC).  They all have the same goal of completing the project to the satisfaction of the owner. However their job descriptions are distinct, but they are often and easily confused. Understanding the difference between these roles in a construction project is essential to choosing the best option for your unique project and situation.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of a construction project, including pre-construction activities, administration, entire budget and post-construction, which includes overseeing the construction management. The Project Manager understands the client’s goals and ensures that all project stakeholders are in line with these goals. The project manager has the single most important position on a project and has the overall responsibility for its success. The PM manages the project scope, integrations, human resources, cost, time, communications, risk and stakeholders. PM are on-site throughout the project, typically manages the Construction Manager and/or the General Contractor on behalf of the client.

Construction Managers 

Construction Managers are hired before construction begins; They work with the design architect.  and also involved during pre-construction. The CM is involved in setting the budget and schedule of the project. Construction Managers work with onsite managers who handle the construction. The value of a Construction Manager is advising the project owners and leading the team of construction workers, including the general contractor. Construction Management delivery contracts are not designed for small projects or clients with no construction building experience. They are best suited for projects where the construction value exceeds $1M .

General Contractors

General Contractors is invited by the project owner to bid or quote on the overall project. The GC will analyze the drawings, scope of work and requirements of the project, estimates the cost of work, add their own overhead costs and submit a quote. The GC is then obligated to deliver the project as agreed for that price. GC manage all aspects of  the day-to-day activities at the jobsite. They are mainly credited for ensuring that all work is completed correctly and on time. General contractors may have their own team of employees or a pool of subcontractors that they work with on a consistent basis. They will also collaborate with architects to ensure that designs are followed or adjusted as needed in accordance with job site conditions. General Contractors typically work under a Lump Sum or Stipulated Sum contract.

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