Cold Storage Warehouse Renovation

Temperature-controlled facilities are an essential part of the food supply chain. They must be built with specific standards in mind, and Jericho is the company to help you achieve them.

Over the past decade, the global food industry has undergone a massive shift in how it approaches storage and shipping. This shift has been driven primarily by increased consumer demand for fresh, organic foods and the growing trend towards purchasing locally sourced and produced goods. As a result, temperature-controlled storage and shipping facilities are quickly becoming a necessity for any organization in this industry – as opposed to a luxury.

cold storage facility renovation
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Contrary to popular belief, temperature-controlled facilities are not only expensive to build and maintain; they also require a tremendous amount of planning during the design phase in order to function properly. For example: if your company relies on frozen goods for its distribution operation, you must be sure that your facility is capable of maintaining those foods at below freezing temperatures without fear of them thawing out or spoiling. If your facility is refrigerated goods, it must be built to withstand consistent fluctuations in temperature, including swings from above 40 degrees Fahrenheit all the way down to around 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Strict temperature requirements must be met for frozen and refrigerated goods. Without the proper environment, the quality of your products could suffer, which could lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers, and a damaged reputation. Jericho can help construct a cold storage facility that meets industry standards and is customized to fit your specific needs.

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