renovation in vancouver


Whether you want to add some office space or remodel a kitchen or retail shop fitup you’ll need to decide how to manage your project. Follow these tips to make the process straightforward and successful.

The first thing to do is gather design ideas, get a professional designer help depending on size and scope of the project and decide how hands-on you want to be. You can choose to fully project-manage the build using licensed tradespeople and relying on DIY skills, however we do not suggest this method if you are planning a major renovation. You can hire a general contractor to help design, plan and build. The size of the job and how much time you have to spare should determine your decision.


It is a project delivery system in the construction industry. The design and construction services are contracted to single entity. The entity can be Designer led Design-Build or Contractor led Design-Build


It is a traditional project delivery system in the construction industry also known as Design-Tender. Where owner contracts with separate entities for Design and Construction of a project.

1.Type of Engagement

Both the project delivery system have its own merits, you will need to decide on type of engagement you are looking for your construction project

2.Get Estimates

Ask around and research internet forums to find out about others experiences of similar work. Make all the decisions about flooring, lighting, and so on. Get at least 3 estimates and understand the difference, price of materials can go up – so check how long estimate is valid for. Ensure that estimate covers all aspects of your project in detail with company’s address, taxes, garbage clean-up, etc.

3.Work references, Insurance and WorksafeBC

Check the previous work references in detail, Get copies of insurance certificate and WorkSafeBC Clearance from your general contractor.

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