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Are you planning to renovate your newly bought condo/home? or thinking of renovating your old condo/home? When people think of their home renovations these are top concerns in their mind such as  hassle, time consuming, cost over run, poor communication. But this should never be the case. Here’s why you need Jericho, where renovations can run seamlessly, on schedule, affordable and with minimal disruption. From initial consultation, planning, design, permits, project management ,until final touches, we provide the expertise required to transform your vision into reality!

Our Portfolio.

Jericho General Contracting Design-Build Condo renovations Home renovations

  • Space planning & programming
  • Schematic designs to iron out the detail of the scale and location of everything before a full rendering is done. This will help estimate the total cost based off of the scale and complexity of the design.
  • Coordination with various stakeholders including building permits for tenant improvement
  • Conceptual interior design development with client’s objectives
  • During the permit process Interior Architectural Design / Detailing and Documentation is developed in parallel
  • Provide budget& finish allowances by industry standard
  • Install brand signages as required for malls/buildings
  • Identify, monitor and mitigate potential risks in scope of work, schedule and budget
  • Feasibility concerns like address site access, building orientation, utility connections and several other items to be addressed by Site assessment to determine feasibility of proposed work
  • Document “Landlord’s work” in commercial lease agreement
  • Final spec such as Working drawings may include architectural drawings, structural drawings, civil drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings.
  • Invite competitive tender
  • Audit of sub-trade quotes, qualification/certifications/licensing , experience
  • Contract document establishes timelines and costs for each stage of the construction project.
  • Review and Approve the contract documents
  • Issuance of Purchase Orders and confirmation of materials availability
  • Site Health & Safety protocols, Construction policy of Malls/Building is followed
  • Monitor Work progress, Schedule, budget
  • Communicate with stakeholders for project updates per established contract
  • Coordinate with Designer/Consultants for field review, City for inspections along the work progress as necessary
  • Organize, plan and prioritize the construction work
  • Inspect the work for deviations or deficiency and have it rectified with  sub-trades proactively
  • Final Site Inspections, punch list for construction completion and closeout
  • During occupancy, equipment and furnishings (e.g., furniture, desks, blinds) are installed
  • Upon every requirement has been met, the consultant will issue a certificate of substantial completion.
  • Final inspection completed by building official

Talk to Us About your home renovation.

From traditional homes and heritage buildings, to modern lofts and condominiums, our approach to home renovation has made us one of the most reputable renovators in Vancouver. We would love to discuss your ideas with you and how we can turn your dreams into reality.

At Jericho, we can help your home adapt to you and grow with your family and your requirements. Home renovations are often cited as the single most effective way to add value to your home.

  • Kitchen Renovation

    In today’s modern society a kitchen has become the hub of the home, where you can entertain your guests and spend time with family. The layout of your kitchen needs to reflect this multi-purpose usage, contemporary, functional and enjoyable.

  • Bathroom Renovation

    Renovating your bathroom is an excellent investment, adding luxury to your bathing experience and value to your home. Whether it is a simple bath tub replacement or a comprehensive transformation – Maybe you dream of a personalized spa environment with voice-activated lighting. Whatever your needs, we at Jericho can help you.

  • Full house renovation

    While the happy moments in your home will continue to build over the years, its interior may start to decline and requires a complete update or you have bought a new home and would require a complete overhauling. We undertake it all at Jericho.

  • Home exterior renovations

    Changing your home’s exterior can improve its looks as well as its value. If you’re looking to improve aesthetics of your home or want to redefine the exterior looks of your home and match to your style! We at Jericho love full house guts & builds anything from floor to rooftop!.

  • Transforming to a Smart home

    Do you want a bathroom that can detect your fall and calls your trusted contact or a smart lighting system or a smart security system. We can also include that in your home renovation just the way you want.

We can take care of these needs for your renovation projects.

Framing Drywall Painting
Lighting Tiling Electrical
Wood/Millwork Iron/steel fabrications Wall panels
Flooring Decorative Floor coating Kitchen Cabinets
Glass Bath Cabinets Countertops
Mechanical sytems-HVAC Plumbing/Gas Ceiling panels
Smart home systems Security Systems Fiber Optics
Sidings Painting Lighting
Garage Blacktop Concrete

We can also recommend the most innovative products available today for your home renovation, depending on your priorities. Maybe you want to reduce or eliminate your hydro bills or take advantage of advanced technologies in smart home? Ask us for a quote now!

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