General Contracting

Jericho is a one-stop shop for general contracting services, bringing together a wealth of industry-specific experience. We’re able to oversee and simplify the entire project process from inception until final handover, allowing you to focus your attention on other aspects of your business. And with our many years in the business, you can trust in our ability to deliver quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.

We doesn’t just build stuff—we inspire things. You may not even realize what you want until we show you what’s possible. Consider us your key to success, or your secret weapon. We’ll take care of everything that comes with construction so you can sit back and relish in having accomplished the impossible.

We welcome the opportunity to provide comprehensive tendering and construction services for your project.

Do you know what your general contractor does for you?

They guide you through the decision-making process about materials, finishes, and so much more. They keep an eye on your budget and make sure it is still intact, and they make sure you stay on schedule.

Yes, they do all of that.

But here’s the deal: a general contractor should also be involved in your project pre-design phase. To complete all their responsibilities, they need to be able to work with other experts—architects, engineers, interior designers, etc. And that’s where Jericho comes in!

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We understand your needs as a General Contractor and provide the following:

  • Budget and Manage all construction-related costs
  • Complete construction project accounting
  • Define WBS and Manage Work Schedule for all construction activities
  • Effective Material plan and management
  • Supervise Day-to-Day operations with subcontractors/trades
  • Ensure quality through QC Program
  • Worker health & safety protocols at site
  • Complete project close-out documentations

With Jericho, you’ll get one team who can do it all.

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