The exterior of [Name and Address Confidential] underwent a major renovation to enhance its aesthetics, functionality, and longevity. The project includes a range of tasks including pressure cleaning, rot repairs, targeted replacement of wavy cedar wood sidings, the design and build of patio deck, and a fresh coat of paint.

Scope of Work:

  1. Prep work:
    • The exterior surfaces of the property were cleaned using high-pressure water jets.
    • They were then left to dry for a couple of days, after which a wire brush was used to manually remove any accumulated debris and loose paint.
  2. Envelope Work:
    • Rotten wavy cedar wood sidings were identified, and a targeted approach was employed for repair and replacement.
    • Rotten fascias were replaced.
  3. Design and Build of Patio Deck:
    • The patio deck and its stairs were redesigned and built.
    • Complimentary 3D renderings with various concepts were provided, going through a few revisions until the customer was satisfied.
    • The client preferred to have a bold look and warm tone, so the railings were custom-built to match the client’s expectations. Additionally, existing 4” posts were upgraded to 1’ posts for a bolder appearance. A slated ceiling for the patio deck was installed and stained to achieve the desired warm tone.
  4. Painting:
    • After an on-site sample application of chosen exterior paints for siding, fascia, and doors, the client had the opportunity to change the paint color if they were not satisfied.
    • Upon successful color approval, the exterior surfaces received a fresh coat of paint

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Before Photos:

3D rendering:

Work In progress:

Completed photos: